Pigment monocentrates (SPC)

Single pigment Concentrate (SPC)

We supply single pigment preparations (SPC), highly focused on organic and inorganic pigments base. Our monoconcentrates are on the following basis: PP, EVA, PS, PVC, PE (LD, LLD, HD), ELASTOMERS, SAN/ABS. The pigment content is between 25-75%. 

Our SPCs are mainly designed for master batch manufacturers that work with snails and double snail extruders and for manufacturers of colored masses for injection moulding and blowing shape, foil, fibers, profile, cables, pipes and many other applications that Need a high standard of dispersion/distribution. Our dispersion product range is available in granules or powdered form. On request, it is also possible to develop products in a customized way. 

Furthermore, we specialize in SPC for PP fiber staining and have many experience and solutions in this area from a wide range of pigments with a high performance for them. We also have great experience in coloring synthetic or natural gum and have special SPC’s ready for them. 

For certain plastics and applications, it is an advantage to use SPC instead of pure pigments. This is especially true for parts with very fine structures. 

The benefits of SPC 
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Industrial hygiene – no dust 
  • Easy to use 
  • Reducing reworking 
  • Reducing waste 
  • Reduction in downtime 
  • Reducing the weighing time 
  • Higher performance 
  • More consistency from lab to production 
  • More consistency of different lots in production 

SPC range of pigment dispersions is a cost effective and flexible way for the production of master-batch and compound that meets all possible coloristic r equirements.