Optical brighteners

Optical Brightening Agent

Product Name Application
Optical Brightening Agent OB
To brighten thermoplastic polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyester fibres, paints, printing inks etc
Optical Brightening Agent OB-1
Mainly used to brighten polyester and plastics. It is also used to brighten nylon during polymerization.

Optical brighteners require ultraviolet radiation for their effects. Especially in strong sun and clear, blue skies outdoors or under suitable artificial lighting (with high UV content), the white then appears whiter. 

Fluorescence is the cause of the brightening effect of optical brighteners. These are substances that absorb from the invisible ultraviolet (at 290-400 nm) and, according to intramolecular interlude, re-emit most of the absorbed energy in visible light.