otw-pigments is a professional organisation dedicated to high quality pigments, pigments-preparation, effect pigments and dyes for a specific range of colours and special effects for use in a wide range of industrial applications.
Our young and dynamic company was founded in 2014 by specialists with many years experience in the European pigment and dye industry.
More than 30 years dedicated experience in product application and processes makes otw-pigments a unique partner, enabling our customers to enhance their individual performance and competitiveness within colour management.
otw-pigments delivers exclusive products from carefullyselected and licensed production partners for the complete European industry:

  • Organic Pigments
  • Single Pigment Concentrate (SPC)
  • Pearlescent Pigments
  • Metallic Effect Pigment
  • Fluorescent Pigments
  • Photoluminescent Pigment
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Dyes

Organic pigments

Pigments are (largely) colorful or uncolorful dyes, organic or inorganic in nature, that are present in the colored medium with measurable particle size.

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Single Pigment Concentrate (SPC)

Our SPC are basically designed for producers of master-batches, working through mono-screw or twin-screw extruders, and producers of coloured compounds for injection moulding and blow moulding, film, fibres, profiles, cables, pipes and many other applications where a very high standard of dispersion is required.


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Our Chesir Natural Mica Pearlescent Pigment is made from natural mica powder coated with titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and (or) other metal oxide. It presents rainbow color based on the multiple reflection and refraction of light shinning at the surface.

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Chesir’s synthetic mica (mica) pearlescent pigment is made from synthetic mica crystal and surface coated with a special metal oxide. Synthetic mica (mica) of Chesir is predominantly used for liquid coating, powder varnish, etc. Applied. Synthetic mica (mica) pearlescent pigment from Chesir is white, brighter, purer, more temperature-stable and has a lower heavy metal content. Synthetic mia pearlescent pigment gives the user more possibilities of color composition than the natural mia pearlescent pigment.

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Our Chesir Diamond Pearlescent Pigment is made from high transparent crystal coated with titanium dioxide and (or) other metal oxide, offering a spectrum ranging from white, gold, red, purple, blue and green, according to different thickness of coating. It gives and users a totally new worlds of color, with fresh, flashing, shinning optical dimension and wonderful hue; it is a perfect combination of color and light, producing an extremely impressive visual impact with high refraction, smooth layer structure, and distinctive color performance. 

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Our Chesir Chameleon Pearlescent Pigment is made from special raw material coated with precisely controlled layers of metal oxides. It is a kind of innovative pigment, changing color with the angle of observation. With varying of light, fantastic color shifts and high-mirror effect will emerge. Our Chesir supplies Chameleon Pearlescent Pigment with excellent quality, which features in high hue, obvious color shifts, and bright luster in the market.

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Metallic Effect Pigment

Metallic effect pigments outdated, bronzes are platelet-shaped, metallic pigments. The optical effect of these effect pigments based on orientation of the flakes parallel to the surface of the surrounding system in which a directed reflection occurs. They are in the Colour Index under CI Pigment Metal listed. Metallic effect pigments are used for producing metallic effects in coatings , printing, plastics and cosmetics used. The economically most important aluminium. 

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Daylight pigments

Multi-purpose pigments for use in a wide range of fields. Typical applications are coatings for ambulances, fire brigade, signs, billboards, etc. This series is further excellent for spray coatings. Aerosols for use in forest and road markings are becoming increasingly important. Another area is the coloring of plastic coatings and calindered soft PVC films.

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Photoluminescent Pigment

All our photoluminescent pigments are based on strontium aluminate, they are non-toxic,harmless and non-radioactive. Compared to the traditional Zinc Sulfide photoluminescent pigments, the luminosity strontiumaluminate pigments is at least 10 times as higher as it and the afterglow time is also at least 10 times as longer as it. Our photoluminescent pigments can be added into many different transparent medium, such as ink, paint, plastic, cer amic, glass, etc. 

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Optical Brightening Agent

Optical brighteners need for their action ultraviolet radiation . Especially with strong sun and clear blue sky in the open or under suitable artificial lighting (with a high UV percentage) the White acts then white. Fluorescence is the cause of the whitening effect of the optical brightener. These are substances from the invisible ultraviolet (at 290-400 nm) absorbing and most of the absorbed energy in the visible light after intramolecular interlude emit.

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Unlike pigments, dyes dissolve completely in the medium used. The familiarization is usually easy, because the fine distribution step (dispersion) is omitted.

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Warehouse and equipment

Our warehouse is located in the middle of Germany. The location is ideal because it can be reached from the A3 junction Montabaur in a few minutes and from a direct connection from the B255. The storage areas are located in different halls with the following characteristics:

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Head office 

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Subsidiary office 

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